Care home 'overwhelmed' by offers to replace vandalised Christmas lights

Dawn Monks, manager of Woodfield Court Residential Home with their new lights after vandals ripped d

Dawn Monks, manager of Woodfield Court Residential Home with their new lights after vandals ripped down their old ones. - Credit: Archant

A Stowmarket care home has had its spirits lifted by a rush of generous offers to replace a Christmas lights display destroyed by vandals.

Dawn Monks, manager of Woodfield Court care home, put the lights up on Saturday, December 12, with help from another colleague who was on annual leave.

Sadly, the very next day Dawn found the lights had been ripped from the front of the building - thought to be the work of vandals.

Dawn Monks, manager of Woodfield Court Residential Home with their new lights after vandals ripped d

Dawn was overwhelmed by kind offers of help after the lights got ripped down. - Credit: Archant

However, after news of the incident went viral, the home was inundated with offers from those wanting to help. 

Gareth Harper, who runs Mr Fairy Lights, stepped in to replace the entire display - with lights donated from Bacton hardware store J. Lawes ltd.

Mrs Monks said: "It is absolutely wonderful, we were overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of everyone who got in touch.

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"The vandalism was the last straw for us but this has restored our faith in humanity.

"Stowmarket Town Council got in touch, as did Joe Lawes and people from as far as Lincolnshire who have previously lived in Suffolk.

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"We will certainly now be having a bright Christmas and a huge thank you to everyone who offered their help and those who just sent good wishes."

Mr Harper, an Ipswich sound and light technician, has been putting up Christmas lights as his usual events work has been affected by coronavirus.

Gareth Harper is a light and sound technician from Ipswich

Gareth Harper is an Ipswich light and sound technician who stepped in to help out Woodfield Court care home to replace its Christmas lights display - Credit: Isaacs on the Quay

"I saw the social media post about the vandalism and was just infuriated," he said.

"I am in a position to be able to help out so wanted to  do what I could.

"It does kind of put your faith back in humanity, seeing people come forward like this.

"I'm staring down the barrel of a gun as my business is weddings and events, I don't know if I'll still be here by next year to be honest.

"But despite all that, the good side of all this I think is how it has pressed reset on humanity, with all the acts of kindness we've seen during the pandemic."

The East of England Co-op also donated goodies for the residents to enjoy before Christmas.

East of England Co-op donate to care home residents

Staff from the East of England Co-op donated goodies to the Woodfield Court care home residents - Credit: Woodfield Court care home

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