Stowmarket: Dog rescued from roadside bin

A MAINTENANCE worker had the “shock of his life” after finding a puppy apparently dumped in a roadside bin.

Jason Bloomfield struck an instant bond with the dog – nicknamed Dusty – after the remarkable discovery on the A14 near Stowmarket.

The 40-year-old, who works for Mid Suffolk District Council, has now given the dog a home after rescuing him from almost certain starvation.

Kind-hearted Mr Bloomfield revealed he found the dog yesterday afternoon after a chance alteration to his street cleansing team’s schedule.

Mr Bloomfield explained: “We would normally do the verges but decided to do the bin run because of the rough weather we’ve had.

“I unlocked the bin near a flyover and had the shock of my life.”

Dusty instinctively tried to escape but Mr Bloomfield quickly closed the bin to prevent the dog from running on to the busy carriageway.

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Mr Bloomfield, who admits to having found some odd items in his job – but none stranger than his most recent discovery – has taken in the dog until the council’s environmental health team establish where he has come from.

Dusty was found at about 3pm and is due to be checked over by a vet today.

He was not wearing a collar and a scan found that he has not been tagged with a microchip.

Mr Bloomfield will be looking after Dusty at his Creeting Hills home but is quite willing to adopt the dog permanently.

“I just don’t know how he got there,” he said. “If he was stolen, he should go back home.”

The district council is appealing for the dog’s owner, or anyone with information about how he ended up in a bin, to come forward and call the environmental health team on 08456 066067.