Stowmarket: Drainage troubles cause big splash

FEARS over drainage in a busy street have prompted a councillor to call for action.

Mid Suffolk District councillor John Matthissen said a large puddle has been at the junction of Iliffe Way in Stowmarket for months.

He said he has been contacted by several people who have been soaked by the water and is worried about it icing over when the weather turns colder.

He said county council work to improve the busy Finborough Road which connects to Iliffe Way had finished earlier in the year but had only created a “small improvement”.

“My concern is that the council created this problem. They are taking a long time to remedy it and it’s affecting people. It’s the older folks that are getting it,” Mr Matthissen said.

“When it freezes it will get slippery which will be a danger to cross and people going around the curb.

“They’ve [Suffolk County Council] said there’s a problem but they cannot connect it to the nearest drain because there’s a lot of BT equipment in the way.

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“Six to seven weeks ago I spoke to a senior council officer who said it would be done in two weeks.”

The Iliffe Way junction is used regularly as it connects Finborough Road with the town’s Asda superstore.

A spokeswoman for Suffolk County Council said: “We are aware of concerns being raised about surface water gathering at the junction of Iliffe Way and Finborough Road in Stowmarket.

“A team of engineers has inspected the site and has established that installing additional drainage will resolve the issue. Works will be carried out in the very near future to rectify the situation.”