Stowmarket family-of-four take legal action after ‘ruined’ holiday at five-star Egyptian resort

Timothy and Abby Moore pictured with their two children, Theo and Charlie. Picture: IRWIN MITCHELL

Timothy and Abby Moore pictured with their two children, Theo and Charlie. Picture: IRWIN MITCHELL - Credit: Archant

A family-of-four from Stowmarket is taking legal action after an alleged outbreak of illness at a five-star hotel in Egypt.

Husband and wife Timothy and Abby Moore and their two children, Theo and Charlie, travelled to the Jaz Aquaviva Resort in Hurghada in June but were forced to spend much of their two-week holiday confined to their room due to illness.

The family has raised concerns over alleged hygiene issues at the hotel. Their claims include undercooked food and re-used rice being served on occasions and the same utensils being used for raw and cooked eggs and meat.

Personal injury lawyers Irwin Mitchell are now investigating the alleged illness outbreak – which includes gastroenteritis – and the law firm says more than 25 people were affected, including a West Sussex couple on their honeymoon.

The all-inclusive Egyptian resort denies the allegations, saying there is no evidence any illness was caused by food poisoning or poor hygiene.

Mrs Moore, who has been married for five years, said: “We didn’t really feel like we had a holiday as we came back feeling so much worse than when we left. It was probably the hardest holiday I have ever been on.

“We only went to the beach twice in the entire two weeks we were there and if it hadn’t been for the kids, we would have just stayed in the room for the entire holiday.

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“I am not surprised we are not the only group of holidaymakers who have fallen ill. All we want to know now is what caused our illness and ruined our holiday, and could more have been done to protect the guests of the hotel.”

A spokesman for the Jaz Aquaviva resort said: “We were very sorry to learn that some of our guests were unwell.

“However, there is absolutely no evidence that any sickness experienced by the guests in our hotel was caused through food poisoning or poor hygiene.

“There are a number of proven reasons for sickness totally unrelated to food and beyond our control. These include heat, travel, handling of foreign money, change of diet, air conditioning, or something that may have been consumed out of the hotel or on an excursion.

“We would like to point out that we apply recognised international standards of hygiene and safety, as well as the standards set and checked by tour operators who entrust their clients to us.

“We will continue to deliver the perfect and safe holiday experience to all our guests.”

A spokesman for Irwin Mitchell said: “We would encourage anyone who stayed at the Jaz Aquaviva Resort this year and has since experienced gastric symptoms to see their GP at the earliest available opportunity.

“We would also like to speak with them as they may be able to help with our investigations.”

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