Stowmarket: Grandmother celebrates after winning £20,000 lottery prize with the EADT

Stowmarket Lotto winner Yvonne Ford with grandson Noah Samson

Stowmarket Lotto winner Yvonne Ford with grandson Noah Samson - Credit: Archant

Four lucky grandsons are set to be treated after their grandmother won £20,000 with the East Anglian Daily Times.

Yvonne Ford was just having another normal day on Friday morning when she got an unexpected phone call from The National Lottery.

The 75-year-old from Stowmarket was told she had won the big cash prize after she collected all 12 passwords from the EADT and bought a Lotto ticket which included a unique number.

“I am always entering competitions in the paper because that’s what I like to do,” she said.

“We have been busy working all our lives so I think this will make us more comfortable. Now when the washing machine or anything goes we will not have to think about replacing it.

“I like to treat my grandsons at Christmas, it means more to me to give some of it to my grandsons because I get more out of it.”

She has been entering competitions in newspapers and magazines for about 20 years but before Friday had never won a prize.

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Her husband David, 77, who worked at the former ICI paint factory in Stowmarket for 35 years, said the couple could also spend some of the money on a holiday abroad.

“We like to go to Scotland but it’s a bit late in the year now to go,” he said.

“Maybe we will go somewhere warm if we go abroad next year. I might also change the car but it’s her money, I can’t tell her how to spend it.

“The grandsons will be treated equally that’s one thing Yvonne said as soon as she got over the shock.”

One of the couple’s grandsons, Noah Samson, 10, is a keen photographer and said he would like to get a professional camera.

Mrs Ford, who worked as a receptionist at Stowhealth centre before she retired, said she was eager to see her friends at her local WI group to get their reaction.

Although she opened the bottle of champagne as part of the celebrations Mrs Ford said as she is teetotal she would be sipping a soft drink.

The prize - subject to verification by Camelot - came after the EADT teamed up with the National Lottery to celebrate the launch of New Lotto.

Over the past few weeks readers have been entering in their thousands for the chance to win the cash.