Stowmarket: Police operation targets motorists breaking the law

Police crackdown in Stowmarket

Police crackdown in Stowmarket

Motorists have been stopped and questioned over the condition of their vehicles and their driving during a police operation.

More than 15 tickets were issued to drivers in Stowmarket for a range of offences including illegal tyres, defective lights and exhausts.

Police officers alongside Suffolk County Council representatives carried out the work in Gipping Way where police highlighted the dangers of defective and modified vehicles to young drivers.

The operation follows a crackdown in the town on motorists making illegal turns and ignoring parking rules.

Town and district councillor Duncan MacPherson welcomed the police work.

He said: “Police need to work with them and not against them so they understand what’s legal and not legal.

“The wider picture of anti-social driving and vehicle use including parking up and playing loud music and having loud conversations late into the night is an ongoing thing but it’s not just in Stowmarket.

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“The police have been working well with the community and it’s been discussed at the town council. They have taken action in various parts of the town. The solution is down to education as well as enforcement.”

Acting Sergeant Andrew Martin, from Stowmarket and Mid Suffolk South Safer Neighbourhood Teams, said: “The use of anti-social vehicles and driving manner in and around Stowmarket are on-going concerns for residents and visitors.

“This operation was not only intended to deter drivers from illegal modifications, but also educate them as to the associated risks of driving under the influence of substances which can cause them to drive in an anti-social manner as well.

“Vehicles not conforming to the law cannot only be anti-social but can also be dangerous to those using them and other road users.”

Robert Bennett, 64, of Quinton Road, Needham Market, was arrested during the operation and charged with drink driving. He has been bailed to appear at West Suffolk Magistrates’ Court next Tuesday,

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