Stowmarket: Town councillor and former mayor Anne Whybrow speaks out over fake Twitter account

Stowmarket town councillor Anne Whybrow

Stowmarket town councillor Anne Whybrow - Credit: Archant

Barack Obama, David Beckham and the Queen all have parody Twitter accounts and now a Suffolk town councillor has joined that list.

But Stowmarket councillor Anne Whybrow is incensed her name has been linked with an offensive account on the social network website.

The page, which includes a photo of the former town mayor and county councillor, features tweets of a homophobic and anti-Islamic nature.

Mrs Whybrow only found out about the bogus site when concerned staff at Mid Suffolk District Council contacted her.

She said: “I was desperately upset when I found out. I was actually shocked and appalled.

“I could not understand why someone was doing this to me.

“I’d like to think that it was somebody that thought they were being funny but it’s now got out of hand.

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“The awful thing about it is that somebody has been quite clever and I have to hand it to them because there’s elements on there that make it credible.”

She has spoken to police about the site but they have said there is nothing they can do about it.

The user behind the account has been ‘retweeting’ fellow councillors, members of the press and organisations.

One tweet says: “Last night a rather rude woman told me I actually do nothing for Stowmarket. I told her, I’ve stood next to Delia Smith, what have you done?”

Mrs Whybrow added: “I thought these accounts were for big celebrities not Anne Whybrow trying to do her bit for Stowmarket.”

She said she would report the account to Twitter.