Stowmarket: Travel project to improve town’s congestion put forward

Proposals to improve traffic flow in Stowmarket have been announced

Proposals to improve traffic flow in Stowmarket have been announced - Credit: Archant

Proposals to ease heavy congestion in a town have been put forward in a “summit” meeting over the issue.

Engineers from Suffolk County Council were called to answer questions after concerns were expressed that motorists were getting stuck in long queues across Stowmarket’s town centre.

In 2010 a multi-million pound scheme was completed that included a new bridge and revamped junctions. But county councillor Gary Green said drivers were being forced to wait in “chronic” queues that snake around the town because of problems with the traffic flow.

“You can sit in traffic for 20 minutes without moving – lights go red to green, red to green – and you sit there without moving,” he said.

“It can be at any time – it’s not good enough. We have had people who have been saying to us about this and we have heard and listened and hopefully there will be some changes in the next few months.”

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Traffic coming through from Great Finborough on the B1115 can be held up at the junction for Bury Street as motorists further down at the crossroads, which links the town with the railway station and A14, struggle to move.

A spokeswoman for the county council said it had been “unaware” of the extent of the congestion in the town.

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She said: “We will now investigate the situation and will look into what can be done to resolve the issues and improve matters.

“This will include potential re-phasing of the traffic light system and bringing forward the connection of the Stowmarket lights with the Travel Ipswich Urban Traffic Management and Control (system) early within the new year.”

In June it was reported there were fears pedestrians were “taking their lives into their own hands” at one of the traffic light junctions in Gipping Way as filters covering the lights were difficult for motorists to see. Mr Green said the filters would now be adjusted.

The junction in Gipping Way, which joins with Milton Road, is also set to be changed. The proposals would mean traffic coming from Milton Road would only be able to turn left. The right lane of Gipping Way, leading up to the Milton Road junction, will only be for traffic headed towards that road.

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