Stowmarket: Witness saw stamp to head, court told

The Riverside Club in Stowmarket

The Riverside Club in Stowmarket

A MAN who tried to intervene in a fight outside a Stowmarket nightclub has described seeing a man stamp on the head of an off-duty doorman who was lying on the ground.

Gary Webb told a jury at Ipswich Crown Court that he had been at the Riverside Snooker Club with his friend Tony Mitchell and their partners and had followed Mr Mitchell outside after a minor incident inside the club.

Mr Webb, who is also a doorman but was off duty on the night in question in November 2011, said Mr Mitchell had been talking to a woman when a man walked over to him and took a swing at him.

Mr Mitchell and the man had grabbed hold of each other and Mr Webb claimed he had then seen another man step forward as if he was going to punch Mr Mitchell.

Mr Webb had intervened and tried to push the second man away and at that stage a group of people had come out of the club and a “free for all” had taken place in the car park.

Mr Webb said Mr Mitchell had been kicked and punched and he described seeing Mr Mitchell being kicked in the face as he fell to the ground.

He said he had then seen the same man who kicked Mr Mitchell as he was falling to the ground stamp on his head.

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He said that after the incident ended he helped Mr Mitchell inside the club. “He was dazed and all over the place. He had blood all over his face and I couldn’t see where the blood was coming from.”

He said Mr Mitchell had then collapsed and an ambulance was called.

Before the court are Scott Lorimer, 34, of Meadow Close, Stowmarket, his brother David Lorimer, 22, of The Green, Wattisham, Michael Coulson, 28, of The Causeway, Hitcham and Roxanne Collins, 23, of Wren Close, Stowmarket, who have denied assaulting Mr Mitchell causing him actual bodily harm and affray on November 5 2011.

The court has heard that Mr Mitchell, an off duty doorman went outside shortly after midnight to speak to someone about an incident involving one of his friends inside the club.

He claimed he had been approached by the Lorimer brothers who had allegedly punched him in the face.

He said “all hell had broken out” with a lot of pushing and shoving during which he fell to the ground. He described being surrounded by a group of people who were kicking and punching him and said someone had stood on his face.

“Everyone was sticking the boot in and punching me,” he said.

The alleged attack lasted three to four minutes and ended when he was dragged out of the melee.

He got to his feet and went back inside the bar where he collapsed and had a fit.

He said as a result of the incident he suffered bruising to his brain and cuts and bruises

He said that 15 months after the alleged incident he still had not fully recovered and still suffered from headaches and fits.

The trial continues today.

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