Stowupland: Passenger hits out over bus changes

A 72-year-old woman has described a town’s new bus system as a “nightmare” to use after the service was changed last month.

Teresa Langford, of Stowupland, is organising a petition against the new bus system in Stowmarket because of her experience of using it.

Mrs Langford says she has to wait an hour in Stowmarket to get a bus to Ipswich after there were changes to the timetable.

She claimed drivers are often heading back to Ipswich from Stowmarket with no passengers on board because they are going for a break.

“The whole system is not working. It’s dreadful; it’s a nightmare,” said Mrs Langford.

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“We’ve had no timetables. No one knew what times the buses were coming.

“We have to use the buses if we do not have cars. If we do not use them they will not have a job.”

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A spokesman for First Group said he had spoken to the operations manager in Ipswich about the bus system. He said: “It is always regrettable when members of the public are affected negatively by changes to bus operations. However the overall feedback we have had from customers since the changes took place has been very positive.”

Andrew Stringer, Mid Suffolk district councillor, said that it was important to provide a high-quality bus service because of the need for people to reduce their use of cars.

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