Strong winds and heavy rain hit region

GALE-force winds will continue to bombard Suffolk and Essex today as weather forecasters predict a day of extremely unsettled conditions.

Gusts of winds will reach speeds of up to 50mph and will strike the coast, after a night of heavy rain pelted down on the region.

A severe weather warning was issued by the Met Office, as rain threatened to flood parts of the East of England overnight – including the majority of Suffolk and Essex – causing major disruption for road users.

The Met Office warned that rainfall could reach up to 80mm in some parts, advising householders to remain prepared for flooding.

The warning was issued due to fears that the rain would fall quickly and on to saturated ground, increasing the likelihood of flash floods.

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The high-risk wet weather saw winds and rain batter the coast of Suffolk. However, forecasters predict the rain will be more settled through the course of today.

Joe Osborne, a forecaster at WeatherQuest, told the EADT that the region had almost experienced its monthly rainfall in just one night.

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“The rain was a result of a rapidly developing area of low pressure which made its way towards Suffolk,” he said.

“It will give us some very heavy rain, which in some parts of the region hit about 20 to 30mm.

“Other parts of Suffolk will have had up to 50mm, which is more than the average monthly rainfall – so it is extremely heavy.”

Temperatures are expected to remain relatively humid despite the blasts of wind, with highs expecting to reach about 22C (72F).

Mr Osborne later added: “The winds have reached about 30mph, but many of the gusts are up to 50mph.”

The East of England has been experiencing weather more typical of autumn than the summer months.

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