Sudbury 50-year-old on drinking binge racially abused a man at Clare pub over religion

Magistrates court in Ipswich. File picture: GREGG BROWN

Magistrates court in Ipswich. File picture: GREGG BROWN - Credit: Gregg Brown

A 50-year-old must pay out more than £500 after racially abusing a man because of his religion during a drinking binge.

Richard Reed, of Foxes Road, Ashen, near Sudbury, admitting racially aggravated threatening behaviour on August 5 when he appeared at the magistrates court in Ipswich.

Police were called to The Swan pub in Clare on an unrelated matter at around 11.30pm. While there Samuel Davidshon complained to an officer that Reed had racially abused him. Reed had sworn about “Jews” and said he would “get” them. He then made a gun gesture with his hand and finger.

When Reed sobered up he told police he had no idea why he did what he did and offered to write a letter of apology to Mr Davidshon.

Reed’s solicitor Jeremy Kendall said: “I would suggest this is an aberrant and isolated incident.” Reed must pay a total of £515 including £100 compensation to Mr Davidshon.

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