Sudbury: Bulldoze this ‘eyesore’

FRESH calls have been made for the redevelopment of a run-down area of Sudbury town centre, including a bus station that has repeatedly been described as an “eyesore”.

Local councillors and business owners say it is “embarrassing” that Hamilton Road – which incorporates privately-owned businesses, district council land and the county council-owned bus station – is the first thing visitors to the town see when they get off a bus. Most pedestrians leaving the train station also walk through the area.

Several schemes have been put forward over the years and it is widely acknowledged that a “radical” makeover is required. But because so many different bodies have a vested interest, plans have always failed to materialise.

With a raft of new developments set to transform the outskirts of the town, Babergh district councillor Simon Barrett says it is time to bring the area up to scratch. He has persuaded the local authority to form a working party to revitalise Hamilton Road, Belle Vue House and grounds, and the town centre.

He said: “Babergh realises that the redevelopment of Hamilton Road is now a high priority and we are in the process of setting up a Babergh-led working group to push this forward.

“At the moment, the whole thing is really fragmented so the idea is to co-ordinate county, district and private interests to come up with a proper design brief for potential developers, and a neighbourhood plan which is deliverable and will get the best for Sudbury.”

The working group could hold its first meeting next month and this will be open to the public.

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Jack Owen, who has vowed to help secure investment in the Hamilton Road redevelopment during his year as mayor, said: “We had a brief meeting with Guy McGregor from Suffolk County Council last week and I told him it was a disgrace that Hamilton Road is the first thing you see when you get off the bus or a train because it’s a complete eyesore. We need to bulldoze the toilet block there and start again.”

Tony Harman, manager of DB Security in Hamilton Road, agreed and said he would be keen to get involved in a working group.

A county council spokeswoman added: “We will continue to work closely with our colleagues at Babergh to monitor the situation and consider any redevelopment plans.”

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