Sudbury: Gemma Marsh raising hundreds for Children in Need by selling home-baked buns

Gemma baking buns in her kitchen

Gemma baking buns in her kitchen - Credit: Archant

A Sudbury girl has been putting her skills to good use this week, baking up treats to raise money for Children in Need.

Gemma and her friend ready to sell buns in Sudbury

Gemma and her friend ready to sell buns in Sudbury - Credit: Archant

Gemma Marsh is just 13, but her cakes and buns are in high demand in Sudbury.

Her mother Stephanie taught her to bake from a young age and she began to sell buns for Children in Need at the age of just eight.

Over the last four years she’s managed to raise over £1,100, and this year she’s hoping to raise another £400 by selling them in the village, in school, and to friends and family.

Gemma isn’t alone in her endeavours, but receives help from a friend. Unfortunately this may well be her last year selling the buns as she begins studying for her GCSEs next year.

Stephanie said: “Every night for two weeks leading up to Children in Need she takes over my kitchen and bakes with the help of a friend... She brought them into school today to sell them and took in £50 in a day. Her teachers have supported her as well. She sells them all around the village too.”

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