Sudbury: Man sheds eight stone and aims for marathon

LOSING his father prematurely from a diabetic condition was a wake-up call for Adrian Stohr, which led to a life-changing decision.

The 36-year-old father of three from Sudbury – who was diagnosed as morbidly obese just weeks after his father’s death – embarked on a punishing diet and exercise routine that has seen him lose eight stone in a year.

And he now has another challenge in his sights – to complete the London Marathon next spring and raise money for a children’s cancer charity.

The former nightclub doorman was also inspired to turn his health around after reading about Great Cornard man Chris Bates in the East Anglian Daily Times, who halved his body weight in a year.

Mr Stohr, who now works at Nestle Purina, said: “My father suffered from diabetes and in May 2011, he died of a heart attack related to the disease, aged just 58.

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“I knew I was overweight, so I went to my GP for tests. When the results came back in the July, I was told I weighed 24� stone, was morbidly obese and was likely to die of a stroke or heart attack if I didn’t do something drastic.

“I had encountered dangerous situations with my job before, but hearing that news was the first time I had ever really been scared of dying.”

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Supported by his wife Naomi, 31, he went on a strict diet, swapping burgers for salads.

He joined a gym, acquired a taste for running and signed up for the London Marathon.

He said: “I am doing it for Children with Cancer UK because unlike me, many of these kids don’t ever get the chance to turn their health around.”

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