Sudbury: Town in call for parking permits

A TOWN council wants to shake-up parking restrictions and introduce a permit scheme to ensure homeowners have adequate spaces for their vehicles.

Sudbury Town Council would like to pursue the resident parking permit plan in streets where there are currently problems.

The aim is to free up parking in streets for residents. Drivers caught parking in streets where the scheme applies, but without having a permit, would receive a fine.

Sudbury Town Council clerk Sue Brotherwood said: “Similar schemes run in towns like Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich and Colchester.

“We think the scheme would pay for itself as PCSOs who are currently used to hand out parking notices could be used to manage the scheme.

“We have written to Suffolk County Council about this several times and while it hasn’t been discounted we have been told that it would be expensive to put into operation. But it would only be a one-off payment and we think it would help the parking situation in Sudbury.”

Mrs Brotherwood said the problem of residents’ parking spaces being taken up by other drivers has got worse since charges for long-term parking in the town’s car parks were introduced last year.

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She said there was a particular problem with commuters parking in residential streets within walking distance of the station rather than the official car parks in a bid to avoid paying the daily �1.50 charge.

She added: “It’s a problem especially for elderly residents who can’t park anywhere near their house to unload their shopping and have to struggle to their houses or make several journeys back to the car.”

A residents’ parking scheme already exists in one street in Sudbury – Francis Road – where residents pay �50 a year for a permit.

Inspector Paul Crick at Sudbury Police station said he was broadly supportive of the idea. He said: “It seems a common-sense approach. Any initiative that dissuades people from parking illegally has to be a good thing.”

Councillor Guy McGregor, Suffolk County Council’s cabinet member for roads and transport, added: “The county council always works with the district, borough and town councils when exploring ways of relieving parking pressures for residents.”

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