Suffolk: A night that will never be forgotten

ON October 15, 1987 TV weatherman Michael Fish famously reassured viewers that there would not be a hurricane - although he did warn the weather would “become very windy”.

His words have haunted him for years because that night the storm, which had developed in the Bay of Biscay, swept along the south coast and up into East Anglia with hurricane-force winds.

Although the winds hit hurricane strength, the storm was not officially classed as a hurricane because the top speeds were not constant. The term hurricane is used to describe a tropical storm that forms in the tropics.

The storm took at least 18 lives in the UK, and more in France, and caused widespread damage.

The following morning Suffolk and the rest of the nation awoke to a scene of destruction that has remained in the national consciousness ever since.

Next week we will be looking at back at The Great Storm, and how we reported on it at the time.

Our reporters who were there at the time will remember first hand what happened in Suffolk and we will also share your stories and memories of the night Suffolk will never forget.

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