'Long line of scum' in Suffolk sea is likely algae bloom

The 'line' is likely algal bloom, the Environment Agency has said

The 'line' has been spotted in the Suffolk sea recently - Credit: Jane Bloom

A murky "long line of scum" spotted in the waters off Thorpeness and Sizewell is likely to be algae bloom, the Environment Agency has said.

Visitors to the Suffolk coast have reported seeing a brown line in the waters over the last week.

Jane Bloom, who snapped several pictures of the sea at Thorpeness earlier this week, revealed some of her friends had also noticed the line.

"The long line of scum along the tide line appeared at Thorpeness and Sizewell and I have been told it is in Southwold.

"There's often a bit of scum, but not like this. it's all the way along. I don't go in the water any more - it's just filthy."

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A spokesman for the Environment Agency revealed the flakes that make up the line were likely caused as the sea temperature has risen in the warm weather.

The spokesman said: "We’re looking into a report of scum on the beaches at Thorpeness and Sizewell, which we suspect is an algal bloom caused by the warmer sea temperatures at this time of year.

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"These are generally harmless but we would encourage anyone witnessing pollution to call our incident hotline."

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