Bury man's gruelling challenges for 2022 - how many of these could you do?

Josh Wright (right) has run 13 half marathons in 13 days. Picture: Lauren De Boise

Josh Wright has planned 12 events in 12 months to fundraise for a charity after previously running 13 half marathons in 13 days - Credit: Lauren De Boise

A man from Bury St Edmunds will be challenging himself in a gruelling fashion by completing 12 fundraisers in 12 months.

Josh Wright is fundraising for the My WiSH Butterfly, a charity that helps terminally ill people spend the last moments of their life in peace with loved ones.

Josh Wright (right) has run 13 half marathons in 13 days. Picture: Lauren De Boise

Last year Josh ran a marathon in memory of his nan and raised money for the cancer unit at West Suffolk Hospital - Credit: Lauren De Boise

The customer service manager has previously run 13 half marathons in 13 days, raising more than £1,500, though this year he will be completing a fundraising effort just over every four weeks.

The plan came about when he began writing down what he already wanted to do for 2022, he said: "A few of them were stuff I kind of had planned, like the nuclear race.

"I was looking at it, filled in the blanks and thought there's a good year's worth of stuff there if I put my mind to it."

So he decided to fill out the whole calendar with events, some being more challenging than others.

Josh Wright

Josh will be running two marathons in two days with his dad Leslie in December - Credit: Josh Wright

"I'm dreading the swim because I'm a pants swimmer." Josh added. "The other stuff, even though I'm dreading it, I'm kind of confident with a lot of it."

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The 24 hour gaming marathon will be "a holiday", while the double marathon will probably be the hardest.

Josh said: "There's doing one and then there's doing one and waking up the next day, crying, and doing it all again."

The first fundraising effort will begin on the last weekend of the month, January 29 and 30.

Josh Wright

Josh is hoping to climb up Ben Nevis later this year if restrictions allow - Credit: Josh Wright

His 2022 plan is scheduled as follows:

January – Two half marathons in one weekend
February – HS Direct Challenge, running the distance of the Bury office to Sheffield office over duration of month remotely
March – 24-hour gaming marathon (numerous participants)
April – 100-mile cycle 
May – Nuclear race, with partner Hannah
June – Relay race - run and bike with friend Matt 
July – Birthday fundraiser
August – Climb a mountain
September – Two-mile swim
October - 50km ultra marathon
November – 3000 push ups, 100 a day
December – Double marathon weekend with his dad

If you would like to support Josh, visit: justgiving.com/fundraising/josh-wright20

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