Suffolk: Attack jets take-off as military action is launched against Libya

FIGHTER jets from a US air base in Suffolk may be involved in some of the first strikes against Muammar Gaddafi, it has emerged.

The first shots have been fired by military forces imposing a no-fly zone over Libya as the international community swung into action against the nation’s leader.

The show of strength against Gaddafi began when a French jet attacked and destroyed a military vehicle belonging to his army earlier today.

There was increased activity at the the United States Air Force base at Lakenheath in Suffolk today, with two warplanes - F-15 Strike Eagle ground attack jets - were seen to take off. It is not yet known whether they are involved in the operation.

It was from Lakenheath that US planes took off in 1986 to bomb Libya.

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Around 20 French Rafale and Mirage warplanes were sent to patrol the skies over the city of Benghazi after the rebel stronghold came under assault by forces loyal to Gaddafi in violation of United Nations resolutions.

RAF Typhoon and Tornado fighters were expected to join the mission shortly, supported by British reconnaissance and air-to-air refuelling planes, though it remained unclear exactly where they will be based and when they will be deployed.

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The final decision to launch military action was taken at an emergency summit in Paris attended by world leaders, including Prime Minister David Cameron, who declared that “the time for action has come”.

Along with European and North American allies, a number of Arab nations signed up to a communique pledging “all necessary action” to bring an end to the “grave and massive violations of humanitarian law” being committed by Gaddafi against his own people.

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