Garden waste collection changes in Suffolk Coastal – your questions answered

Changes to brown bin collections in Suffolk Coastal have caused some confusion for homeowners. Pictu

Changes to brown bin collections in Suffolk Coastal have caused some confusion for homeowners. Picture: GREGG BROWN - Credit: Gregg Brown

Confusion over changes to garden waste collection has been addressed by Suffolk Coastal bosses as they aim to make a seamless changeover.

The council, which has been running the service for free, earlier in the year announced that financial pressures meant an annual charge of £43 would be needed for collecting garden waste.

The council said that the changes would come into effect in May, but after some questions were raised by homeowners, the council has clarified the changes.

Are bin collection days changing?


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Are waste collection teams only collecting bins with stickers?

The scheme is currently in a transition period from the old system to the new, but by the end of the month only garden waste bins with stickers on will be collected.

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A firm date for the changeover has not been set, but crews were still emptying all bins as of this morning.

Those without the stickers on will be given reminders that they will soon need to make a decision to apply if they still want garden waste collected.

Will it only begin when the new larger bins are delivered?

Currently existing bins will be the ones collected, however those who sign up to the scheme will be given the option of a free larger bin – holding 240litres compared to the existing 140l capacity bins. They are expected to be delivered sometime in the autumn.

Can several homes chip in for a bin to share?

Yes. There is nothing to stop several homes which may have smaller gardens or feel they don’t produce enough garden waste for a bin of their own from chipping in together to share a bin.

It is likely however that one neighbour will have to make the application.

Is garden waste still accepted at recycling centres?

Currently Suffolk County Council-run recycling centres accept garden waste free of charge, as it comes under household waste.

Can applications for the scheme still be made?

Yes, there is no fixed deadline.

A spokesman from Suffolk Coastal added: “We are in a transitional phase of the scheme and there are still many people who signed up in the final few days of April but who have not received yet their bin sticker.

“We have decided to give householders the benefit of the doubt and to trust that those presenting their bins for collection have in fact paid for the service.

“For future collections, the refuse crews will be checking that unstickered bins have a valid subscription.

“Bins that are not in the scheme will not be emptied and a tag will be put on the bin explaining to the householder why the bin has not been emptied, and encouraging them to join the scheme.”

Further information and other frequently asked questions are on the council’s website here.

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