Warning over ‘one-eyed monster’ vehicles with just one headlight


Picture: GREGG BROWN - Credit: Archant

Motorists have been urged to check their vehicles’ headlamps are working properly after police Tweeted about the danger of “one-eyed monsters” with just one light along the A12.

Officers from Halesworth Police Tweeted a link to Suffolk Constabulary’s guidance on driving in bad weather after reportedly seeing a number of cars with defective headlights between Martlesham and Halesworth.

Officers Tweeted: “Is your vehicle ready for winter? Just driven to Martlesham down the A12 from Halesworth this morning and must have seen at least a half dozen or more ‘one eyed monsters’.”

Suffolk police’s winter driving advice includes the tip to “make sure all your car lights are working and you have no failed bulbs”.

However it also encourages motorists to “make sure you are aware of what is happening around you” and ensure they are leaving enough distance for cars in front.

The advice adds: “When visibility is reduced, use dipped headlights.

“Don’t leave your lights on full beam when approaching or following other motorists. It dazzles other drivers and can cause them to be distracted or even blinded, which is dangerous.”

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