Coronavirus cases in Suffolk rise to 116

Empty roads in and around Martlesham Picture: CHARLOTTE BOND

Empty roads in and around Martlesham Picture: CHARLOTTE BOND - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Further coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Suffolk this evening.

The data, released by the Public Health England on March 31 showed that the number of cases in Suffolk has risen by 16 in the past day to 116.

Despite the official daily figures it is widely accepted that there are more unconfirmed cases across the region and the country.

Over the border in Essex there was a sharper rise in cases from 301 on Monday to 380 today.

It is not known who the people are or where they are being treated at this time.

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In the East of England there are now 1,632 confirmed cases up from 1,339 on Monday.

It was revealed earlier on Tuesday that 1,651 people who had tested positive for the disease had died, up from 1,284 on Monday.

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Nationally 3,009 new cases were identified in the UK; the largest rise on any single day.

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