Suffolk council election results see little change

WHILE it may have been all change nationally, at Suffolk councils which voted on Thursday, the existing administrations remained firmly in place.

At Ipswich borough council the Labour opposition picked up two seats, one from the Conservatives and one from the Liberal Democrats who are in coalition at Grafton House.

But that was not enough to wrest control back from the ruling administration who now have 25 seats against the opposition’s 23.

The Conservatives maintained overall control of Waveney District Council following local elections held on Thursday.

Ipswich results:

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Alexandra (two seats): Julian Gibbs(Lab), 1,150; David Rowley(Lab), 1,084; Oliver Hartley (C), 899; Edward Phillips (C), 828; Ken Bates*(LD), 1,293; Nigel Cheeseman*(LD), 1,271.

Bixley: Alex Mayer (Lab), 912; Russell Harsant*(C), 2,241; Clive Witter*(LD) 943.

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Bridge: Jim Powell* (Lab), 1,344; James Spencer(C), 1,190; Ric Hardacre (LD), 631; Rick Deeks (G), 175.

Castle Hill: John Harris (Lab), 1,053; Mary Young*(C), 1,927; Robert Chambers (LD), 849; Jenny Overett (G), 200.

Gainsborough: Keith Rawlingson*(Lab), 1,618; Julie Mayes (C), 1,150; Mat Baker (LD), 707.

Gipping Jeannette Macartney* (Lab), 1,458; Steve Flood (C), 980; Ann Groves (LD), 676.

Holywells: David Jermy (Lab), 999; George Debman*(C), 1,528; Bex Robinson (LD), 919.

Priory Heath: John LeGrys*(Lab), 1,525; Kym Stroet*(C), 1,211; Nicholas Jacob (LD), 823.

Rushmere: Lindsey Rawlingson (Lab), 1,541; Judy Terry*(C), 1,702; Robin Whitmore (LD), 896.

St John’s: Sandy Martin* (Lab), 1,700; Pam Kelly (C), 1,564; Jill Atkins (LD), 974.

St Margaret’s: Liz Cooper (Lab), 613; Stephen Ion (C), 1,420; Inga Lockington*(LD), 2,101; Amy Drayson (G), 186.

Sprites: Hamil Clarke*(Lab), 1,432; Bob Hall (C), 1,347; Jamie Scott (LD), 492.

Stoke Park: Barry Studd (Lab),1,089; Nadia Cenci*(C), 1,386; Sarolta Lillywhite (LD), 485; Barry Broom (G), 128; Dennis Boater (BNP), 190.

Westgate: Mary Blake* (Lab), 1,363; Rob Brown (C), 925; Tim Lockington(LD), 1,005.

Whitehouse: David Ball*(Lab), 1,127; Paul Carter (C), 1,125; Steve Williams(LD), 931.

Whitton: Steve Connelly (Lab), 1,129; Chris Stewart*(C), 1,417; Heidi Williams (LD), 931.

* Denotes elected councillor.

New council makeup: 23 Labour, 18 Conservative, seven Liberal Democrat.


Carlton Colville: Pat Hawes* (Con) 1609, Jose Bamonde (Lab) 1144, Antony Tibbitt (Lib Dem) 766, Derek Hackett (UKIP) 355, Chris Goodings (Green) 109

Gunton and Corton: David Coulam* (Con) 1338, Alan Thwaites (Lab) 601, Steven Taylor (Lib Dem) 562, Peter Eyres (Green) 145, Henry Smith (Independent) 89.

Harbour: Lynn Dack* (Lab) 1396, Philip Haggerty (Con) 722, Deborah Dann (Lib Dem) 592, George Langley (Green) 229

Kessingland: Jamie Starling (Con)* 952, Peter Coghill (Labour and Cooperative) 771, Jack Tyler (UKIP) 451, Chris Thomas (Lib Dem) 407, Emma Waller (Green) 141

Kirkley: Yvonne Cherry* (Lab) 1102, Robert Jarvis (Lib Dem) 986, May Reader (Con) 711, Jonathan Andersson (Green) 184.

Lothingland: Paul Ashdown (Con)* 601, Peter Hytch (Lab) 322, Stuart Foulger (UKIP) 144, David Pigney (Green) 107.

Normanston: John Shanahan (Lab)* 1331, Linda Coulam (Con) 872, Leslie Batchelder (Lib Dem) 617, Kerri Edmondson (Green) 183.

Oulton: George Hawes (Con)* 914, Jedda Smith (Green) 802, Joy Russell (Lib Dem) 345, Sarah Webb (Lab) 6.

Oulton Broad: Colin Law (Con)* 1195, Alan Brown (Lab) 775, Jim Russell (Lib Dem) 407, Michelle Narburgh (Green) 145.

Pakefield: Peter Byatt* (Lab) 1442, Kathy Gosling (Con) 1204, Brenna Batchelder (Lib Dem) 547, Bill Mountford (UKIP) 346, Sophie Leggett (Green) 132.

Southwold and Reydon: Simon Tobin (Con)* 1286, Jacki Wheatley (Labour and Cooperative) 466, Will Windell (Green) 455.

St Margarets: Roger Bellham* (Lab) 1656, Fiona Beesley (Con) 1411, Michelle Taylor (Lib Dem) 642, Trevor Rix (Green) 196.

The Saints: David Ritchie (Con)* 853, John Sanderson (Green) 307, Benjamin Murray (Lab) 198.

Wainford: Mark Bee (Con)* 723, Caroline Norton (Lib Dem) 257, June Ford (Lab) 202, Nicky Elliott (Green) 157.

Whitton: Tod Sullivan* (Lab) 1398, Deanna Law (Con) 1285, Sandra Tonge (Lib Dem) 578, Bert Poole (UKIP) 371, Maxine Narburgh (Green) 116.

Worlingham: Alan Duce* (Con) 1434, Keith Jenkins (Lab) 850, Eric Wareham (Green) 430.

The new make-up of Waveney District Council is Conservative 29, Labour 14, Liberal Democrat 2, Green 1, Independent 1.

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