Suffolk: Councils overpaid staff by �725,000

THE two councils based in the town have made overpayments to staff totalling hundreds of thousands of pounds over the last two years, according to a Freedom of Information request by the Star.

The county council overpaid staff by a total of �724,300 between April 2010 and the end of September this year.

There were just under 2,300 occasions when an overpayment was made.

The county has so far claimed back �549,000 from staff who were overpaid, and is expecting to claim back a further �169,500. It has written off total payments of �5,300.

The borough council overpaid 17 staff during the same time. The total figure was �6,100 and so far �4,900 has been repaid. About �950 is still be claimed back and just over �250 was written off.

A spokesman for the county council said 95 per cent of overpayments happen because of inaccurate/late information provided to the payroll service.

Overpayments to staff who are still employed are recovered through salary instalments. If the staff member has left an invoice is sent to them and repayment is monitored through the formal debt recovery policy.

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