Could your home be unsafe for your child?

A new campaign from Suffolk County Council aims to highlight the potential dangers to children insid

A new campaign from Suffolk County Council aims to highlight the potential dangers to children inside their homes Picture: SUFFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL - Credit: SUFFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL

A new campaign to highlight household dangers to children has been launched by Suffolk County Council.

The new campaign, which asks "Is your home a child friendly zone" aims to show parents the potential hazards in homes that could cause avoidable injuries.

It uses stickers to show items that could cause falls, choking, scalds and poisoning - including medicines, hot food and liquids and tap water. A checklist will help identify where potential hazards can be moved out of the reach of children.

The scheme follows figures which show falls in the home make up 45% of all hospital admissions for childhood injury under the age of five in Suffolk. Poison from medicine comes second, making up 19%. In the UK, 15 children under five are taken to hospital for suspected poisoning each day.

James Reeder, cabinet member for public health and prevention at Suffolk County Council, said: "Children grow and learn all the time and they can take us by surprise with a sudden breakthrough in their development. Accidents can happen very quickly when your back is turned just for a moment, but there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of accidental injury in your home.

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"Young children will have injuries and accidents from time to time. Most will be minor, but some can be more serious. This campaign aims to help parents to spot potential hazards in their home and take action to reduce the risk of accidental injury."

An interactive quiz on how to keep homes child friendly is available here.

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