WATCH: Sea shanty singers release song about Covid jabs to TikTok tune

Some of The Motley Crew from Brightlingsea who sung the sea shanty Just Get That Jab And Go

Some of The Motley Crew from Brightlingsea who sung the sea shanty Just Get That Jab And Go - Credit: John Sturdy

A crew of sea shanty singers from Essex have released a song about Covid jabs, set to the tune of the chart-topping single 'Wellerman' which rose to fame on TikTok.

The Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System (ICS) came up with the idea to boost vaccination uptake with younger audiences after a cover of 'Wellerman' by Scottish postman Nathan Evans rose to number one in the UK charts earlier this year.

His cover was eventually remixed by producing duo 220 Kid and Billen Ted, rising to number one in the UK charts ahead of Olivia Rodrigo. The original cover also made it to number one separately.

The Motley Crew from Brightlingsea were approached the ICS, which is responsible for the vaccine roll-out in the region, to encourage people to take up the offer of a Covid-19 vaccination.

The music video for 'Just Get That Jab And Go' shows various locations around the region, including; Ipswich Waterfront, Café Rio in Manningtree, Brightlingsea, Colchester Castle and the River Stour.

David Bridle, Bosun of The Motley Crew, said the call came out of the blue and was the first time the group had ever been commissioned for a song.

"To write a shanty about vaccines had us all scratching our heads for a minute," he admitted. "But my wife is a musician and came up with all the lyrics.

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"We got the recording done in one afternoon, despite the fact the Wellerman tune isn't in our usual repertoire and we hadn't really met in person since October.

"We had to learn it all quite quickly and when we were asked it was the obvious tune seeing as it has had the most circulation of a sea shanty in the last six months, possibly ever."

Brightlingsea-based record producer Ray Hayden, of Opaz Multimedia, mastered the recording and also gave his time for free.

Simon Morgan, ICS head of communications who had the original idea for the project, said: “Over the last couple of years the sea shanty has enjoyed a much-deserved boost in popularity, which got us thinking that having our own sea shanty composition to boost vaccination uptake, especially among younger audiences, would be a great idea.
“Our system is extremely grateful to members of The Motley Crew who have done an incredible job to reinforce the message of getting a vaccination when invited to do so.”

As well as, the national booking website allows people to book their appointment.