Suffolk: Criminals have their cards marked as 2011 starts

IPSWICH/SUFFOLK COASTAL: Around 200 prolific and persistent offenders in Ipswich and Suffolk Coastal are beginning 2011 by having their cards marked by police.

Officers are delivering new year greeting cards to well-known criminals advising them to consider their future and the pain their crimes cause.

The messages ask if the offenders would like to see their families go through the anguish which they have inflicted on others, as well as their victims’ loved ones.

The strategy is part of a carrot and stick approach being used to try to get thieves and yobs to turn their back on crime and lead decent lives.

The cards tell them: “You have the opportunity to create a decent future for yourself and your family. Make it your New Year’s resolution to give up crime.”

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Detective Inspector Steve Clabburn, based at Ipswich police station, said: “We are targeting prolific and repeat offenders.

“We are trying to get the message across that they have got alternatives rather than go down the same path.

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“We are making them aware that we know what they are up to and will deal positively with them.

“The cards are attempting to make them aware of what it means to be a victim.

“This is part of an ongoing process of trying to keep the pressure on these individuals. If we can keep a lid on their activities it makes a big difference.”

A number of methods are being used in a bid to get the offenders to live fulfilling lives without feeling the need to destroy or steal property, or get involved in trouble.

Det Insp Clabburn said police and their partner agencies are keen to ensure they give people every opportunity to turn their lives around in order to prevent further crimes.

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