Suffolk entrepreneur Steve Sharratt of Bio Group: Far more appealing than a double dip

Suffolk-based entrepreneur Steve Sharratt of renewable energy firm Bio Group on yesterday’s announcement on the state of the economy

Lies, damn lies, politicians’ statements and statistics!

So according to the figures we are back in recession. But did we feel any worse before the economic announcements, or do we just have a hangover following them? At the start of the first recession, everyone queried why construction was so buoyant. Today, the construction sector is blamed for the double dip. Despite all the work in our cities and on our roads. Despite all the work that needs to be done improving the built environment.

But isn’t the message like a broken record? It’s their fault. It’s under performance in this sector. It’s the legacy from the last lot. Isn’t it time we took a sustainable approach?

Sustainability requires long term vision and resolve. It requires a route map, a strong sense of purpose and direction. Leadership. It gives us stability, a smoother growth with longevity. It removes our reliance on old industries and methods. That’s economic sustainability. Underpin that with a low carbon economy and we get double upside. Far more appealing than a double dip!