Suffolk/Essex: Temperatures could touch 70F as the warm weather continues – but watch out for next week with cooler conditions on the way

A beautiful autumn day in Holywells Park . Maddie, Jesse and Charlie Jones

A beautiful autumn day in Holywells Park . Maddie, Jesse and Charlie Jones - Credit: Lucy taylor

The leaves may be falling and Christmas is only 10 weeks away, but the region is still being basked in sunny weather with temperatures coming up to around 70F (21C).

We’re more than half way through October but shorts and t-shirts can still happily be worn.

But Weatherquest forecaster, Phil Garner, said the sunny weather may change this afternoon with cloud coming from the west bringing with it a chance of a shower.

“We are having some lovely weather indeed but there is a little bit of rain around, with showers from the west of the region coming in,” he said.

“So there’s potentially rain this afternoon. At the moment temperatures are around 19/20C (66-68F) which is five degrees above the average for this time of year.

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“Overnight lows are normally about 5/6C (41-42F) but we have been getting around 14C.”

Tomorrow is set to start cooler than today with temperatures around 18C (64F).

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From Tuesday though the weather will take a turn and be colder and fresher. Temperatures are set to dip to 15C (59F).

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