Suffolk: Ex-MP ‘Lord Lord’ has a decision to make

A FORMER Suffolk MP who has been made a working peer by the Government has a rather unusual decision to make.

Sir Michael Lord, who was MP for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich for 27 years, has been appointed a Lord by Conservatives and in a bid to avoid being known as “Lord Lord”, he now has to settle on a new political identity.

Sir Michael, who was also the shadow speaker of the House of Commons for 13 years, decided against contesting his seat at this year’s general election.

But the 72-year-old is back in the political fold after being ennobled as one of 54 new working life peers and will sit in the House of Lords.

He is set to meet with the Garter King-at-Arms over the next few days to decide on an appropriate monicker and he is planning a name that reflects his dedication to Suffolk - because he is “so fond” of the county.

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Sir Michael said: “I’m delighted and very honoured to be asked to go to the House of Lords and I’m very much looking forward to being a working peer.

“As far as my name is concerned I used to joke with friends that I was the ‘only Lord in the Commons’ and I never thought I would go to the Lords.

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“It now transpires that to be ‘Lord Lord’ might be difficult in terms of administration and all sorts of other ways.

“It’s been suggested to me to have another name, which is what I am considering, and what I might do.

“But I have to consult the man called the Garter King-at-Arms, who advises you on becoming a peer, and in cases like mine we will decide (together) what I might call myself.”

He said it was a “great change” going into the chamber.

Sir Michael said that after being the deputy speaker for more than a decade, and not being involved directly in debates, he was also looking forward to being able to have his say again.

He said: “I was a member of parliament for 27 years and for the last 13 of that I have been the deputy speaker.

“I spoke when I had to direct the House one way or another or bring them to order and announce votes, but apart from that I haven’t been able to voice my opinions for 13 years.”

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