Overnight roadworks could keep us awake and damage historic buildings, residents fear

Bridge Street, in Hadleigh, has a number of listed buildings which residents believe could be distur

Bridge Street, in Hadleigh, has a number of listed buildings which residents believe could be disturbed or damaged by roadworks starting from May 8 Picture: ADAM WOODS - Credit: ADAM WOODS

People living in a Hadleigh street fear upcoming overnight roadworks will cause noisy disturbances while they sleep, as well as damage historic buildings.

Bridge Street is home to several listed buildings and will be the site of overnight resurfacing works carried out by Suffolk Highways for a week from Wednesday, May 8.

The works are due to take place between Friars Road and Ann Beaumont Way. They will also cover the entire road surface in Gallows Hill and Friars Road.

Neighbour Adam Woods is asking for an explanation as to why the roadworks are being carried out at night in a residential area.

However Suffolk Highways has said it has scheduled the works for darkness to reduce daytime disruption.

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It has also pledged road rollers will be switching vibration settings off to protect historic buildings.

Mr Woods said: “Obviously this has caused some concerns to quite a few of us, but we are hoping that sanity prevails.

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“Our biggest question is why this needs to be done overnight on a residential road.

“When our neighbours had to have part of their property repaired, they had to contact the Historic England.

“We are all going to have to park our cars somewhere else as well, we don’t want to clog up our neighbours’ roads and after some anti-social behaviour problems in the car park we don’t want to leave them there overnight either.”

However, a Suffolk Highways spokesman said: “We welcome the feedback from residents regarding the resurfacing scheme in Hadleigh.

“We have carefully planned this scheme to ensure that residents can benefit from a newly resurfaced road without having to battle with full road closures on a busy route during the day, resulting in travel problems for road users.

“Our team fully appreciates the concerns raised regarding levels of noise, and measures will be taken to ensure this is kept to a minimum, including ensuring the noisier operations take place before midnight whilst the resurfacing takes place.

“Resurfacing work is undertaken next to old buildings all the time and, in this instance, the road rollers used to compact the asphalt we’ll be laying will have their vibration setting switched to ‘off’.

“Vehicular access will be restricted throughout the works however, when safe to do to, this will be controlled by staff on the road,” the spokesman added.

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