£660 bill for man’s angry outburst over wrongly delivered Indian meal

Suffolk Magistrates' Court, in Ipswich Picture: ARCHANT

Suffolk Magistrates' Court, in Ipswich Picture: ARCHANT

A Suffolk man has apologised for his reaction to a takeaway food mix-up, which prompted him to call 999 after an Indian meal was wrongly delivered to his address.

Paul Wolfe, 69, of Exning Road, Newmarket, admitted making an offensive phone call and causing takeaway owner Aktar Hussain to be fear of unlawful violence with his behaviour on September 1.

Opening the “unusual case” at Suffolk Magistrates’ Court, prosecutor Ian Devine said Wolfe was at the pub when his wife called with news of an unexpected food delivery, which she paid for, believing he ordered the £30 meal.

Wolfe incorrectly blamed the Lime Takeaway and went to demand a refund, said Mr Devine.

“He wasn’t particularly polite and said ‘if you don’t give me my money back, I’ll come back and drive through your window.

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“He was on the phone to police for a period of the confrontation.

“I’m not sure what the police could do about a misdirected meal and it’s not clear what he said, but he was extremely unhappy.

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“Although told it was nothing to do with the police, they ultimately got involved.

“He phoned other restaurants to find out which one made the error.

“No doubt someone else was complaining because they hadn’t received their delivery.”

David Allan, mitigating, said Wolfe had been sent to the pub by his wife, who was feeling unwell and wanted to rest alone at home.

“She called, extremely upset that someone delivered a meal and demanded money,” added Mr Allan, who said Wolfe had spoken to a Lime Takeaway employee who mistakenly – and “dismissively” – told him the restaurant had delivered the meal.

“In light of that, Mr Wolfe took the meal to the restaurant.

“He did not threaten to drive into the window but, when asked why he was calling the police, told Mr Hussain that he was worried about his actions if he didn’t. It was a conditional comment.”

Mr Allan said Wolfe had type two diabetes and had problems with regulating his blood sugar levels, leading to hypertension and problems dealing with certain circumstances, but that he had checked himself into behavioural counselling, adding: “The penny has dropped that these issues need addressing.”

Wolfe, who runs a construction company, was fined £330 for each offence and ordered to pay £50 in compensation. He must also pay £85 in prosecution costs and a £30 fee towards victim services.

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