Suffolk: It’s a field of gold for town’s Olympic tribute

AT first glance, it looks like any other freshly cut barley field.

However, it is only from a bird’s eye view that a north Suffolk town’s tribute to the Olympics can be fully appreciated.

Residents in Eye have done their bit to ensure the London Games leaves a mark on where they live after a piece of land art was created in a field on the outskirts of the town.

The work was the idea of local resident Carlo Roberts, who persuaded landowner Tom Baldwin to create the piece of art off Castleton Way.

The finished work shows five Olympic rings and an athlete on a podium, which were ploughed into the barley stubble last week.

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Mr Roberts, who works as a teacher for the Field Studies Council, and has been exploring the Olympic legacy and urban regeneration at Stratford with students, said London 2012 had captured local people’s interest. He added that they had not created an exact replica of the Olympic rings because of copyright laws.

“I have been interested for a long time in land art and we wanted to celebrate the Games locally. From the ground you can see the rings and the man on the podium, but you can not get a sense of it unless you are in the air.

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“It took quite a long time. The farmer went for the idea and thought it was brilliant and it was his employee, Stefan, who applied himself to it and I suppose it took four hours to do the rings and another three hours to do the man,” he said.

Mr Roberts is hoping to get a gathering of townsfolk on the field on September 10 when there is due to be a celebration to mark Team GB’s success in the Olympics and Paralympics.

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