Suffolk: Local girl finds giant egg

WHEN youngster Isobel Cullen went to check on her chickens it was probably the last thing she egg-pected.

But the 10-year-old was shocked to find an enormous egg, more than three times bigger than the average.

It was laid by six-month-old Bluebell - a grey hybrid chicken - and measured 85mm in length and weighed 150g.

Her mum, Sarah Cullen, of The Street, Chelsworth, near Hadleigh, said: “Isobel ran inside to tell everyone, she did not know what had happened. I thought it was a mushroom or a massive stone, and then we got terribly excited.

“I do not know why a chicken would have laid an egg that big, she’s never done it before.”

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The Cullens are having to keep the egg away from their Welsh Terrier, Lottie, who they fear will eat it if given the chance. But Mrs Cullen, who works as a health visitor, said their two cats were less interested in the egg.

The family are now deciding what to do with the oversized egg but have not ruled out making a ‘really big omelette’.

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The family, who have three hens and two cockerels, keep the eggs for themselves or give them away to friends.

A spokeswoman for the Guinness World Records said they do not currently monitor records for chicken eggs.

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