Suffolk/London: Suffolk police officers help in search for missing Alice Gross

Alice Gross

Alice Gross - Credit: PA

Two Suffolk police officers have been sent to London to help the Metropolitan Police in their search for missing schoolgirl Alice Gross.

It has been a month since Alice failed to return home to her family, sparking the Met’s biggest search operation since the 7/7 bombings.

More than a dozen forces around the country are now assisting the inquiry.

Lisa Miller, a spokeswoman Suffolk Constabulary said two search-trained officers were sent to London on Sunday and are likely to remain working there until October 6.

Detectives trying to trace Alice have moved their search to a National Trust-owned estate near to where she was last seen.

Officers were yesterday combing Osterley Park, in west London, for the first time, which is around two miles from the location of the 14-year-old’s last sighting near the Grand Union Canal.

The National Trust describes Osterley Park as a Georgian country house and estate in London.

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More than 300 officers from over a dozen police forces across the country are involved in the increasingly desperate hunt, which has even called on the assistance of the RAF who helped to identify possible new search sites.

And a stretch of the Grand Union Canal, which Alice walked alongside before she disappeared, was sifted through in the hope to recover her possessions, including her iPhone, but officers again drew a blank.

Alice was last captured on CCTV walking along the towpath next to the Grand Union Canal as it passes under Trumpers Way at 4.26pm on August 28 but has not been seen since.

Convicted murderer Arnis Zalkalns, who was filmed cycling the same route behind the teenager, remains the prime suspect in her disappearance. The labourer murdered his wife in Latvia and is thought to have come to the UK in 2007.

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