Suffolk: Messages from across the Atlantic for hero soldiers

WELL-wishers have been sending in their messages of support for the 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment ahead of Monday’s homecoming parade.

Readers have wanted to offer their thanks for the service offered by our brave troops during their recent tour of Afghanistan.

On Monday lunchtime they will march through Ipswich and crowds are expected to line the streets to show their support.

Ahead of the parade, we are giving you the chance to send your messages to the troops - see the link above right.

Messages have already come in from as far afield as the USA, with Sheila Minor of Victorville saying: “So proud of you guys, thank you for your service.”

Julie Wright left a Facebook post saying: “Thank you for your sacrifice, welcome home.”

And Lindsay Smith added: “Well done guys.”

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Peter Wright said: “We the people of Ipswich and on behalf of our country I and my family would like to say thank you for serving us the people and keeping us safe fromharms way but do our political elite feel the same?

“When you stand on parade at the town hall look up at the four flag poles you will notice that our countries flag is missing! Its always the one being taken down to accommodate other flags and never put back why? Do they think it offends certain members of the population?”

Add your comments below, or fill out the form - see link - and show your support for The Vikings.