Suffolk MPs’ offices face hundreds of letters demanding Brexit deal

Dr Dan Poulter hopes extreme Brexiteers will see the value of pragmatism. Picture: LIBRARY

Dr Dan Poulter hopes extreme Brexiteers will see the value of pragmatism. Picture: LIBRARY - Credit: Archant

Suffolk’s MPs are being inundated with hundreds of angry letters and e-mails from constituents demanding that they get on with reaching a decision on Brexit.

Staff working for the county’s Conservative MPs – who have all backed the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal despite supporting remain during the 2016 referendum – have been struggling to cope with the number of e-mails they have been getting expressing frustration over the on-going parliamentary debates.

One MP’s aide said this afternoon: “We’ve had hundreds of e-mails today, I think it currently stands at 304 and there are more coming in all the time.

“There is no way of reading through them all in detail right now but of those I have looked at, the common theme is that people want MPs to just get on and sort out a deal.”

MPs were taking part in the third major Brexit debate of the week in the House of Commons – this time on whether the UK should ask the EU for a delay in implementing Article 50.

They voted by 412 votes to 202 to ask the EU to allow Article 50 to be extended until June 30 to allow further discussions – but that depends on EU leaders agreeing to the delay next week.

After today’s vote Central Suffolk and North Ipswich MP Dr Dan Poulter said he hoped MPs who had opposed the PM’s deal would now talk to their constituents and allow it to go through.

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He said: “MPs are now getting hundreds of letters, not from extreme Brexiteers or extreme Remainers, but from people just saying get on and support the compromise.

“It’s time for the people in the European Reform Group to recognise the need to be pragmatic and that this is a deal that can be supported and provide a basis for Brexit. It might not be perfect for them – but that’s what the country needs and wants.”

But Ipswich Labour MP Sandy Martin was very worried about the future: “The fact is the ERG just aren’t interested in compromise – and the default position is still to come out without a deal.

“Unless the Prime Minister stops listening to the extremists on her own side and starts engaging with people from other parties then there will not be a deal – and we only have until the middle of next week to get that deal.

However Dr Poulter was backed up by his Waveney colleague Peter Aldous.

He said: “I don’t want a delay to coming out, but we need that extra time to get all the legislation in place. We’ve seen all the problems there are, but now is the time for people to take a pragmatic view and to press ahead with the deal.”

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