Should SATS be scrapped? Suffolk parents have their say

Suffolk parents have been having their say on SATS Picture: GETTY IMAGES / ISTOCKPHOTO

Suffolk parents have been having their say on SATS Picture: GETTY IMAGES / ISTOCKPHOTO - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Parents in Suffolk have been having their say on whether SATS should be scrapped for year 6 pupils ahead of the tests beginning this week.

Over two thousand people took part in a poll on our Facebook page in which we asked whether the tests should continue for 11-year-olds.

An overwhelming 72% of voters said they would like to see the tests gotten rid of with only 28% voting for them to stay.

Many of those voting said the tests put too much pressure on pupils and didn't truly show the abilities of a child.

Liz Rushbrook said: "Good teachers have always been able to work out, through their day to day observations in the classroom, exactly what the children have understood and where they need to go next.

"This assessment is done quietly and unobtrusively, part of our professionalism. We have never needed externally imposed tests to do this.

Jacqueline Taylor added: "Instead of grading how good one school is against another all schools should be supported to be good schools.

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"SATS won't help with this, only a change in government policy!"

Others disagreed suggesting that having tests early on helped to prepare children for later life with many believing that the tests hadn't done their generation any damage.

Jade Robinson said "What's the harm? As soon as children get to high school they have test after test anyway it just sets them up and know what to expect."

Alicia Jackson also wanted the exams to stay, saying: "The only schools, teachers and head masters that feel the stress from these exams are the schools who fail to have students where they need to be by the end of primary school.

"The exams are a reflection of the school."

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