Suffolk: Police baffled by doorstep shopping mystery

Groceries have been turning on doorsteps around Suffolk

Groceries have been turning on doorsteps around Suffolk - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

POLICE are trying to unravel a mystery after bags of shopping were left on the doorsteps of three homes in different parts of Suffolk.

Officers have been scratching their heads since bags of household items turned up outside random addresses in Leiston, Aldeburgh and Friston.

There are few clues to indicate whether the items were intended as an unusual gift or abandoned by a forgetful shopper, but police say the goods appear to have been paid for.

Three bags of shopping were found outside a property in Friston last Friday. The items included opened jars of Waitrose coffee, four bags of pasta, two packs of porridge oats and a jar of Waitrose jam.

A number of “salad items” have since been disposed of, but the rest of the groceries are now being held at Leiston police station until the owner comes forward.

On Monday, police received a call from a member of the public saying two bags of groceries, including two packs of cornflakes, had been left outside an address in Aldeburgh. This time it was not clear where the items had been bought.

Then, yesterday morning, a Leiston man told local police he had found a bag containing face cream and lettuce outside his home. He only reported the discovery after reading about the first two incidents in The EADT.

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A spokeswoman from Suffolk police said no receipts were found among any of the groceries. She added: “There is nothing to suggest anything malicious but there appears to be no connection between the three addresses.”

Police are asking anyone with information that might help solve the mystery to contact the front desk at Leiston police station on 101.

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