Suffolk police issue rave warning

POLICE have launched a crackdown on illegal raves in Suffolk during the Easter break.

POLICE have launched a crackdown on illegal raves, encouraged people to report any suspicious activity during the Easter break and into the summer.

Landowners and members of the public were urged to be vigilant and were told they played a vital role in preventing raves from taking place.

Police said trespassers taking an interest in what could be a potential rave site or invasions on to land by people with vans suitable for transporting sound equipment should be immediately reported.

Suffolk and Norfolk constabularies are collaborating to prevent, detect and disrupt illegal raves in both counties.

Chief inspector Mike Gooch, of Suffolk police's Contingency Planning department, said: “I want to warn anyone who is considering organising a rave that they will face prosecution for holding such an event.

“We will also seek to prosecute anyone attending a rave who commits other offences.

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“I would also like to take the opportunity to appeal for the public's help to tackle this issue. Early information from the public is critical if we are to prevent a rave from taking place.

“If we get reliable and timely information about where and when an event is being set up, generally we can get to the site, identify the organisers and seize sound and other equipment before the rave begins.

“There are some cases where a rave is up and running with large crowds already present. In these instances it may be necessary to manage the event where it is, monitoring it closely to ensure, as far as possible, the safety of those attending.

“Vehicles trying to get on or off site will be stopped and dealt with for any offences they might be committing.

“Where possible the organisers will be identified and dealt with at the end of the event, which will be closed as soon as it is safe to do so.”

Any suspicious activity which may be connected to an illegal rave should be reported to police immediately, dialling 999 if necessary or 01473 613500.

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