Police urge public to follow lockdown rules after high volume of calls

Suffolk police has urged people to follow coronavirus lockdown rules after receiving a high volume o

Suffolk police has urged people to follow coronavirus lockdown rules after receiving a high volume of calls from the public Picure: JODY RICHARDSON

Police have urged people to follow government lockdown guidance after receiving a large amount of calls from concerned members of the public.

The plea comes as Suffolk police admitted to receiving a high number of calls about people flouting government rules across the county on Saturday, April 4.

Among the places was Orwell Country Park near Ipswich, where a number of people have taken to social media to complain of a full car park and some people having picnics.

Although people are able to go outside and exercise once a day, concerns have been raised that some are travelling too far away from their home – prompting the government to update rules to say exercise should only be carried out locally where possible.

One eyewitness said cars had been arriving to the site’s car park “in their droves”, with “car after car” coming in.

As part of the lockdown measures, police are able to give out £60 fines to those who break the rules – although they are reduced to £30 if paid within 30 days.

A spokeswoman for Suffolk police was unable to confirm if any enforcement notices had been handed out, but said the force is putting its best efforts into educating the public.

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The spokeswoman said: “We have been receiving reports from all over the county.

“If we have to enforce the fines then we will, but we are trying to educate people of the importance of the rules in the first instance.”

In the daily government press conference, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove said it is “vital” the public weigh up an “hour or two outside” against to the “lives of those we love and the lives of those on the NHS frontline”.

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