Suffolk police urge motorists to only make essential journeys as snow and ice continue to threaten road safety

Driving in snow needs extra care, patience and forward-thinking. Picture: ANDY RUSSELL

Driving in snow needs extra care, patience and forward-thinking. Picture: ANDY RUSSELL - Credit: Andy Russell

Suffolk police are urging drivers once again this evening to only make journeys where necessary, as freezing temperatures continues to make snow and ice a problem.

Police have confirmed that there have been no traffic collisions with serious injuries so far, but conditions on the roads are expected to remain treacherous as snowdrifts blow onto roads and sub-zero temperatures freezes existing ice and snow.

Roads in more rural areas, and those which are not gritted are among those officers are particularly keen for motorists to avoid.

Among those reported are Bell Lane in Kesgrave, and some more isolated roads on the Suffolk/Norfolk border which have experienced heavy snowdrifts.

Chief Inspector Matt Rose said: “It has been a great team effort during the day with various representatives from a number of agencies, such as Suffolk Highways and the local authority, coming to Martlesham Heath to ensure we are prioritising appropriately across the county.

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“Drive to the conditions and I re-iterate only travel if your journey is absolutely necessary.

“I would also urge drivers not to get complacent.

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“Your journey may start out ok and relatively clear of snow, but you could soon get into difficulties with the threat of ice and drifting snow.

“Please take care and if you do feel in danger – please call 101 or 999 so we can help you.

“One of the key routes in the county, the A140 remains closed this evening from Beacon Hill Services, when it meets the A14, going northwards towards Stonham.”

A multi-agency hub has been in place at police headquarters in Martlesham Heath today to make sure services are co-ordinated properly, with further advice issued to motorists this evening.

The measures police have put together include:

• Plan ahead – check you route on a planner to see the latest traffic updates

• Tell friends or family about your travel plans – including route – and let them know when you’ve arrived

• Make sure you vehicle is clear of snow/ice, has sufficient fuel and screenwash

• Allow plenty of time for your journey

• Travel at a low speed avoiding sudden braking/steering moves

• Keep a sensible distance between you and the car in front

• Use headlights – do not rely solely on daytime running lights

• If visibility falls below 100m use your fog lights

• Take provisions (blanket, warm clothing, food/water)

• Charge your phone before setting off

• If you get stuck in the snow stay with your car, but in an emergency if you do need to leave it, park it out of the main traffic route, where it won’t cause an obstruction when conditions ease. Leave a contact number on the inside of the windscreen and return to your car at the first opportunity you have.

• Suffolk Police are again reminding motorists to only make essential journeys this evening as the temperatures remain below freezing.

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