WATCH as Suffolk Punch foal takes her first steps into the world

Elsie and Rose go out for a walk Picture: COXWELL STUD

Elsie and Rose go out for a walk Picture: COXWELL STUD - Credit: Archant

A beautiful Suffolk Punch foal made her first steps into the world earlier this week.

Rose and her mother Elsie were able to take their first steps into the Suffolk countryside around a day after she was born to the Coxwell Stud near Ufford.

Coxwell Rose, as she is officially known, was named in memory of her grandmother, Kingsmead Rose, who died earlier this year.

Rose is one of the first foals to be born this year and will become an important part of her breed’s future.

The Suffolk Punch is an endangered breed and is considered highly at risk.

Their population heavily declined following the First World War and has struggled ever since, as the need for heavy horses declined following mechanisation.

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