Warning issued after person found selling petrol on social media in Suffolk

petrol pumps in focus

It is illegal to store more than 30 litres of petrol without permission from trading standards - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Suffolk Trading Standards has issued a warning over the dangers of storing petrol, after one person was found selling fuel on social media.

Trading standards officers believe it was likely the person in west Suffolk was storing more than the 30 litres of petrol allowed in a private home or business. 

Selling petrol also requires a petroleum storage license, which this person did not have. 

A spokeswoman for trading standards warned that storing more than 30 litres of petrol in a single location "can lead a serious fire or explosion."

"As well as producing a fire hazard, the vapour can cause irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat and exposure to high concentrations, particularly in restricted spaces, can cause dizziness and unconsciousness," she said.

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It is legal to store up to 275 litres of petrol if you inform trading standards, and store it in suitable plastic or metal containers, or in demountable fuel tanks. 

Plastic containers have a maximum capacity of 10 litres, while metal containers can store 20 litres.

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