Suffolk: Shopping riddle deepens as MORE bags turn up

Groceries are appearing on door steps in Suffolk

Groceries are appearing on door steps in Suffolk - Credit: PA

A PHANTOM shopping donor may have struck again after more bags of random groceries were discovered in a Suffolk car park.

Earlier this week, The EADT reported that bags of shopping had been left on the doorsteps of three homes in different parts of county.

Police were unsure how the bags of household items had arrived outside random addresses in Leiston, Aldeburgh and Friston.

Now reports have emerged of more bags being found abandoned in a Leiston car park on the same day as the original story was revealed.

One reader discovered a Waitrose bag containing a multi-pack of crisps and out-of-date green beans. She also said that another person had made a similar discovery a few days previously, when they came across a colander, bottles of face toner and an afro hair comb, but decided to throw the items away.

Neither incident was reported to police, who have officially documented three bag drops since last Friday, when three bags of shopping were found outside a property in Friston containing opened jars of Waitrose coffee, four bags of pasta, two packs of porridge oats, salad items and a jar of Waitrose jam.

On Monday, bags of groceries including two packs of cornflakes were left outside an address in Aldeburgh.

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Two days later, after reading about the first two incidents in the EADT, a Leiston man told local police he had found a bag containing face cream and lettuce outside his home.

Police are still keen to find out how the bags ended up where they did. A spoksewoman said: “There may be a perfectly innocent motive behind it, or it may be something more serious. We would like to get to the bottom of it.”

If you can help, call Leiston police front desk on 101.

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