Suffolk Show 2012: Stand holders sympathetic over decision to cancel

TRADE stand holders battled against gusting winds as they packed up from this year’s Suffolk Show a day ahead of schedule.

Many tents and stalls were battered by rain and strong winds, with others creaking and groaning under the strain.

Trade stand holders expressed their disappointment at having to go home a day early - but most said they understood the decision to cancel the final day of the show.

Nine businesswomen had a narrow escape as their marquee threatened to give way.

The Women in Rural Enterprise (WiRE) team were advised to evacuate their tent after one of its main supports fractured in the strong winds.

Philippa Curruthers of handmade jewellery business Hawkwood Creations, based at Sible Hedingham, said: “It was a bit alarming but we were very calm - we are women.”

Maggie Lamb, who owns Quilts and Things in Shotley, said: “You can guard against the rain but when the wind is like this there’s not a lot you can do. I think it was the right decision, you can’t blame them.”

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John Read, from Newmarket based sausage makers Musk’s, agreed, saying: “The way it was this morning it was definitely the right decision. The wind was very strong. I’m led to believe that even some of the stables blew down overnight. You can’t take a risk with people’s safety.

Patricia Robinson, of Patio and Terrace in Earls Colne, said she could understand the decision. “I feel very sorry for the organisers,” she said. “However it is a family show and you can’t take risks with people’s safety. You have to look at the bigger picture.”

However Ken Wilson, of Blue Dragon Ceramics from Hull, said he thought the decision had been made too early on in the day. “I think they could have waited a little longer,” he said.

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