How much does the average person in Suffolk spend on a date?

How much would you spend on a date? Picture: JUPITERIMAGES

How much would you spend on a date? Picture: JUPITERIMAGES - Credit:

Survey reveals that people in the region spend less than average on dates.

A survey has revealed how much the average person in Suffolk spends on a date.

The results show that the average Brit can afford to spend £22.22 on a date. However, people in Suffolk are spending less than that.

The survey, which was carried out by Glowing Embers, revealed on average people in our region are spending £21.82.

The location which scored the lowest in the UK were people in the South West. They can only afford to spend £19.44 per date.

The results also found that one in ten Brits find themselves cancelling dates due to lack of funds and nearly half of Brits would be put off by a partner who couldn’t afford a date.

Despite falling below average on date expenditure, men in Suffolk are generous when it comes to buying engagement rings.

You can read the full story here.

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