Suffolk steel tragedy: Eldest brother’s tribute to siblings

DURING the funeral of Daniel and Tom Hazelton, their elder brother Matthew stood up to give a reading. What follows is his tribute, complete and unabridged.

Before I speak about my brothers I would like to thank everybody for their continued support for the whole family. It has been overwhelming.

Right, my brother Dan, something happened recently that took me back to my childhood. I had Kaira and Freddie in my car and Freddie got one of Kaira’s toys and threw it on the floor which Kaira didn’t take too kindly to and the more mad Karia got, the more Freddie laughed. It was just like being in a time-warp, back to it being me and Dan all those years ago - me getting mad and Dan lauughing, winding me up more and more until something got thrown at him, i.e table tennis racket, cricket bat, hammer. However, this would not last and we would be thick as thieves again. Me and Dan had many great moments in football together at Stanton and Bardwell and without a doubt he was one of the finest footballers to have come from this area - the infamous left foot with the big arse to match.

Tom. When I think about Tom the picture I see is of him laid back on his bed chair, his glasses on, reading a book with a roll-up on the go.

Tom was the quietest one of the three of us and also the most intelligent, who was also quite a dead eye with an air rifle. When fishing you would often hear “pching” followed by a “splat” and a chuckle of laughter as he had picked off another rat. I also remember the time whilst fishing (when) Tom had forgot to put his bait runner on his reels and his bite alarm went off. Tom just got out of his bivvy in time to see his rod shoot off the rod rest into the water, never to be seen again. However, apart from this minor mishap, Tom was a very good fisherman and in real life was very deep thinking.

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Finally, I would just like to say how proud I have been at how Sam, Char, Mum and Ian, Dad and Carol, Kerry Ann, Jaiden, Sonia and all family have the dealt with us losing two of the most special people you would ever meet and I know the boys feel the same.

I just wish I could win one more trophy with Dan or catch some more fish with Tom.

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Boys, I just want you to know I will do all I can to look after Sam and Freddie and Char and Alfie and be the best uncle I can be and finally tell you both that I loved you very much - something I never did when you were alive but I hope that you knew. Take it easy and look after each other and I’ll see you again someday. At least now, for me, the boys are back home.

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