Suffolk: Temperatures soar as fine weather set to continue

THE region basked in bright sunshine, as spring sprung into life yesterday.

As temperatures soared to 16C (61F) in places, it felt more like Milan, Malaga and Corfu where the mercury crept just a degree warmer.

The average temperatures at Wattisham for this time of the year are nearer highs of 9C (48F) dropping to lows of 2C (36F).

However, overnight Santon Downham in Suffolk was the coldest place in the UK as temperatures plummeted to -1C (30F).

John Law, forecaster at WeatherQuest, said the fine, dry spell is here to stay. He said the bright sunny weather is due to an area of high pressure centered over the region.

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Speaking last night he said: “It has been lovely.

“Despite Santon Downham being the coldest part of the UK last night, plenty of sunshine saw temperatures creep up throughout the day.

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“In parts we saw temperatures of 16C, making it very pleasant indeed. And the dry weather will be sticking around. Overnight it will be misty and foggy and that may take time to clear in the morning.”

So far this month Mr Law said we have had very dry weather with just 2mm of rain, compared to the average for March of about 40mm.

He said today will be another “fine and dry” day with temperatures of about 12 or 13C (54-55F)on the coast, rising to 16C inland.

“Friday will be another fine day,” he added. “It will be a bit more cloudy with cooler air from the north. It will be cooler as we head through Saturday.

“And overnight temperatures will fall again, back down close to freezing.

“But as we head to Sunday the warmer weather will return and it looks like staying dry throughout the whole weekend.”

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